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MASC Centring pliers

  • Merk:M.A.S.C
  • Beschikbaarheid: Op Voorraad
99,00 € (z. BTW)*
119,79 € (BTW i.)


Includes three center punches, scale and foldable. • In the facade area, profile panels and cassettes for the angled seam system are often created by folding. • In order to mark these precisely and quickly, center punching pliers were developed. • With the new MASC center punching pliers, the bending edges for under or overlapping are created at once. • The grain tips can be adjusted as required using a scale. • Several bending edges of the overlay or underlay are created with one print. • This eliminates the need for several work steps, such as marking on both sides and turning the sheets. 220 x 80 x 35 mm 0,275 kg.